Saturday, June 19, 2010

"That's Entertainment"

One of the questions I want to consider during the experiment is to consider what, exactly, is entertainment. Why are fictional stories, like The Wire, or the Illiad, for that matter, important to society? What is their purpose? Is it a key element of being human? I know that these questions are tedious to most--but it seems to me if I am going to spend a large amount of my waking hours caring about and enjoying narratives, I should take a moment to consider the nature of the form.

Also, is there a difference between consumption of entertainment before the 20th century, which likely was limited, and the constant enjoyment of entertainment and narratives today--where people are constantly watching shows--on their iphones on mass transit, in the supermarket, and the minute they come in the door of their homes.

A small interview that tries to define entertainment:

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